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Operation Jasmine

Why was it necessary?

Residents of some care homes in the Caerphilly County Borough and Blaenau Gwent County Borough (the vast majority of which are now in new ownership, free of any allegations of abuse) were subject to a widespread and sustained level of abuse which caused horrific injuries and premature deaths. The Gwent Police commenced an investigation under the code name of Operation Jasmine. A summary of this operation reads as follows:

  • 6 care homes investigated in Caerphilly & Blaenau Gwent County Boroughs.
  • Of 74 suspects, 52 were arrested and 20 charged.
  • 75 police officers and staff worked on the case.
  • 103 alleged victims, 63 were at different points in the investigation considered as victims.
  • 4,126 statements taken.
  • 10,534 exhibits.
  • 49,222 pieces of documentation weighing approximately 12.5 metric tonnes.
  • £15 million total spend on Operation Jasmine.
  • 6 test cases considered to go before the Courts.

Why did Operation Jasmine Fail?

Despite the weight of evidence produced the Crown Prosecution Service failed to bring forward a prosecution, due to the inadequacies of current legislation, against the company and representatives of the care home. Subsequently proceedings by the Health and Safety Executive did not go ahead, but were "left on file". There maybe a possibility that these could be re-instated sometime in the future.