Was your relative identified in Operation Jasmine?
Then please contact us.

Why do we need Justice for Jasmine?

The relatives and friends of those who suffered neglect and abuse in care homes, demand change to protect the elderly and vulnerable. We have formed an action group with the aim of discovering the truth about what has been happening in our care homes and ensuring that in future if there are any cases of abuse or neglect that someone can be made accountable.

With the collapse of Operation Jasmine in March 2013 the families and friends of those relatives affected were left with no answers to their questions about what truly happened to their loved ones. It is beyond belief that the scale of the neglect remained undiscovered by the appropriate agencies and authorities for so long.These organisations failed us. This lead to an unprecedented and protracted investigation which failed to reach the courts. We need a Public Inquiry into the circumstances leading to Operation Jasmine so that all aspects about care for the elderly and vulnerable can be openly reviewed and changes implemented, that will afford protection in the future.

"If we only knew then, what we know now"

If we had our time over again there are some simple actions that we would take to protect our loved ones. See our suggestions on the Care Guide page.

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